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February 15


10:00 am - 03:00 pm

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National Hook-Up of Black Women, INC. - Queen City Chapter

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The Harvest

5414 Airport Rd.

Charlotte, NC, 28208

Teens Overcoming Pressure (TOP) is a program that aims to teach teenagers how to identify healthily versus unhealthy relationships, in addition to early warning signs of abusive relationships, violent markers and controlling and manipulative behavior.

Through this program, it is our goal to not only reduce the incidence of teen dating violence but to promote healthy relationships by guiding our youth through positive self-image, effective mannerisms, positive behaviors, and self-motivation.

Classes provided this year is that all of the teens will attend: 


* Domestic Violence in Teen Dating seminar,

* Human Trafficking seminar,

* Financial Literacy Seminar


For more information:

Local: www.nhbwqueencity.com/top

National: http://www.nhbwinc.com/top.html